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Why silver?

The uniqueness of our own brand nanosilver® is the use of silver molecules in fibers, knits and finally in our final products. Silver gives them antibacterial properties. The use range of these products in everyday life is wide - from sports and leisure time activities, various profession workplaces, to solving health problems due to antibacterial effects, such as foot perspiration and mycosis or skin problems, or to suppress the perspiration odor.

Since 2004, when we first entered the market with the silver socks, we proved in the development and production not only that we understand the issue of textiles but that we can create a number of new functional textile products for leisure time activities, workplaces, for people with skin problems or athletes and celebrities. Those, who believed in us from the beginning, tested our functional clothes on own skin, often in extreme conditions. Products labeled nanosilver® have their original design, produced in cooperation with other partners. We focus mainly on functional underwear, which we call "the second skin". We use a number of new technologies and other developments, we would like give the future directions in this field. We are proud Czech manufacturers and are not moving production to low-cost foreign countries just because of higher profits. We strive to give our customers the best of our skills and develop products on the basis of their ideas and recommendations.

Only Czech products

Underwear, shirts, socks or thermal underwear with the trademark nanosilver® use the modern technology of silver molecules, which give them a new premium features and increase their value. Sportsman, traveler, manager, employee or anyone who needs to always be fresh and functional, comfortable dressed, will simply admire our products. Through the internetwe offer sports socks, formal socks, quality underwear, functional underwear, thermal underwear, T-shirts and various accessories that can improve your daily life. Production takes place in the Czech Republic, so we are pride to title ourselves as The Czech manufacturer.

Products with the brand nanosilver® help with skin problems or unpleasant smell produced during perspiration. Socks, thermal underwear nanosilver® are antibacterial alternation, supplemented by additional functionality - sweat outlet in the summer and cooling sensation, warm in winter. Nanosilver® products (socks, underwear and T-shirts) are extremely comfortable and breathable.

Functional clothes, these are our socks, underwear and T-shirts with silver molecules. All our products can be purchased at the official e-shop

Properties of functional textile materials

All textile materials are produced as outputs of our own research. Knitted fabrics and finished products are checked and tested in the laboratory and under extreme stress conditions. Our materials are designed as a first body layer for its functional properties,that are effective directly on the body. The antibacterial effects of material nanosilver® is possible to use for the manufacture of underwear and socks as a precaution against fungi and mycoses.

Our textile materials (knits) can be divided into three basic categories: Classic, Dakar, Himalayas. Names of Dakar and the Himalayas are derived from areas that were successful in demanding stress tests.

Textilní materiály - Nanosilver


Is a functional material that is particularly suitable for underwear and T-shirts. Superbly mixed composition and structure of the yarns provides great comfort not only for leisure but also in society, in workplaces or in health care. The material is composed of cotton, PES (polyester fiber nanosilver® with fixed molecules of silver) and elastane (Lycra®).


Is functional fabric anda combination of several types of threads, gives the final productthermoregulatory and antibacterial features. It is very suitable to wear in warm or hot climate and in places with high humidity, for active athletes (eg. Golf, running, cycling), leasure wear. Products made of this material also find it‘s use as a functional work clothes. Composition of fabric threads PES (Coolmax®) and PES (nanosilver® with fixed silver molecules), along with the knit structure for the comfort and rapid dissipation of sweat from the body, dry clothes and pleasantly cooling sensation.


Is a functional material designed for extreme cold winter to use as a functional thermal underwear. Its utilization especially in winter sports was supplemented by worn as a functional work clothes in cold workplaces and other fields. Material is composed of fibers Thermo°Cool, PES (polyester fiber nanosilver® with molecules of silver) and elastane (Lycra®). Special, incredibly thin and lightweight immaculately maintained thermoregulation even at very low temperatures. Additionally, it dries very quickly, so the body is warm and dry in extreme climatic conditions and high physical exertion.

Socks and ties of the 21st century

Our distinctive products are functional socks nanosilver®, which are made of polyester fibers nanosilver® in combination with cotton and elastane according to type of use. As in the knitted wear, polyester nanosilver® comprises molecules of silver, firmly attached in the thread. The thread has such a significant antiodor effect and skin problems prevention. We manufacture and deliver socks for sports, social, trekking, cycling and skiing, and compression socks.

Functional clothingis not only the materials from which the clothing is manufactured. Other added values arematerials treated by nanotechnology products, processes using nanotechnology and other modern methods. Our Magic tie (21st. century tie) is an example, to prevent pollution and brings extra extended virtual reality thanks to smartphones.

Nanosilver® dress clothes and tested by celebrities and teams

Funkční oblečení Nanosilver 


  • Aleš Loprais, Rallye Dakar driver
  • Markéta Hanáková, climber, the first woman with a pacemaker at an altitude of 7,300 MASL
  • Jakub Vágner, fisherman, traveler
  • Jiří Kolbaba, world traveller
  • Leopold Sulovský, Milan Sedláček at 2012 Lhotse expedition
  • Tomáš Duda, goalkeeper
  • Petr Míl, Adventure Race European champion
  • T. Tikal, L. Hudeček, sport reporters of TV Polar
  • Ski resort SKI Bílá, Beskydy employees
  • Petr Mlčkovský, half a year New Zealand travelling
  • Helmut Šafarčík, on motorbike to Baikal
  • DTU Denmark volleyball team
  • Lukáš a Olga, customers on a tour around the world
  • ... více


Our great thanks to:

  • all the customers that give us the opportunity to go further with the development of new functional materials and products by their purchases
  • our fans that believe in us, even if something fails
  • suppliers and business partners that share the joy of results with us
  • competition that motivates and inspires us to new ideas and activities
  • employees that they still give an effort into their work, improve and trust us

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