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Due to the lack of means of protection against microbial infection we come up with the following offer:

at our on-line shop you could find a popular textile products - cravat / neckerchief, which is able to create a simple filter against microbial infection at least in its basic form. You can choose from several color patterns. The material is in combination of Cotton / Polyester with Silver / Elastane, or Polyester / Polyester with Silver. This provides greater microbial protection than conventional textile materials. The silver molecules are firmly fixed in the polyester and not release by use or washing. This technology protects users and nature.

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We are finishing the development of a special 3PLY filter material for face masks and respirators with a functional barrier from nanotextile with silver against viruses. The material is designed exclusively for companies that are engaged in sewing of masks or respirators. More information coming soon.